Rider 420


  • Crisp 2.3” B/W display. Crystal-clear viewing in sunlight and night riding.
  • Advanced follow track with Turn-by-Turn navigation and POI/Peak information.
  • Supports 3rd party GPX/FIT routes and Route-Sync from STRAVA / Komoot / RideWithGPS
  • 35 hours battery life. 77+ functions & 5 satellite systems.
  • ANT+ / BLE heartrate, speed and cadence sensor compatibility.
  • Supports ANT+ Power Meter and power meter pedals with calibration.
  • Compatible with Bryton Active App, including auto sync to STRAVA / TrainingPeaks / Selfloops. Plan routes on Bryton Active, view workout results and modify device settings/data pages.
What's in the box?

Rider 420 E (Device Only)

  • Rider 420
  • USB cable
  • Standard Bike Mount
  • Safety Lanyard
  • Documentation

Rider 420 T (Bundle)

  • Rider 420
  • Smart Cadence Sensor
  • Smart Heart Rate Sensor
  • USB cable
  • Standard Bike Mount
  • Safety Lanyard
  • Documentation
2.3 inches; 128 x 160 pixels
Dimensions (mm)
49.9 x 83.9 x 16.5
Weight (g)
Battery Life
Up to 35 Hours
Satellite Support
(GPS / Glonass / Galileo / BDS / QZSS)
Lap History
130 Laps
Log History
300 Hours
Heart Rate Zones
7 Zones
Max Data Grid/Page
Operating Temperature
Speed/ Cadence/ HRM sensor
Power Meter Support
Supported Bike Profile
Sync to Bryton Active APP
Bluetooth (iOS & Android)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
R Jordan
New Rider 420

Moved up from the Rider 330, love the larger screen and additional functions

Pete A.
Bryton 420

Nice excellent bike computer. Not a touch screen. The buttons in the back are little confusing during a busy ride. The speed/cadence sensors makes the data more accurate. I like the page custom settings. Cute feature where you can set the alert limits. Which I set the speed limits to avoid crashes. It alerts me when I too slow and also when I’m too fast. Specifically when picking up speed, the Bryton 420 beeps to alert that my speed is near to a fast level. Maps gps are extra. But crashing is not an option to me. It is set mainly to reduce crashing situations.

Robert Lyles
I am happy but have noticed a few things that could be polished up a bit.

There are going to be 5 or 6 comments regarding some problems so let me start with “ I am very happy with the item. It is doing everything I need it to do.” The sensors (all Bryton) are working /measuring the parameters and sending the signals to the unit. The unit does send the data to the phone. I am getting what I need out of it.
I was looking for something to measure the normal info plus the less usual information of heart rate and separate left/right power. I didn’t need a lot of GPS functionality and wanted to pay less than the better GPS units so this was great for me. I appreciate Bryton putting this in the product line. For what I use, I give the unit appx 4.25 to 4.5 out of 5.

I have only had 3 issues that I care about.
(1) The heart sensor has quit during a ride on 2 occasions in 8 rides. It stays off for a while and comes back on. It could just need a strap tightening (although it feels pretty tight.) This my first heart rate sensor so it could be me. I’ll try a few adjustments and check results.
(2) Again, I have only ridden about 8 times and my phone has lost the device like 4 times(software states it needs me to add at least 1 device) . I am not sure why the phone would keep losing the device. I have other items like a blue tooth speaker that may not get used for a month or two and comes right back on every time. It does not take long to add it back, but it is just annoying.
(3) I don’t see a way to read the odometer in the phone. If my bike computer was broken or stolen, I would like to have the record, and I have wanted to see what my mileage was when looking at the phone and the Bryton 420 was not handy.

There are a couple of things that I don’t personally care about but they should work. Others might.

1. On the phone, most data is accurate. However Lap data is having problems. When reading data on the main LAP line, distance and time are accurate. When clicking on a particular lap,the cadence and heart rate are accurate. I do not have a power sensor yet. but speed average and max speed are off. 1st while I have chosen mph, it is reading km/hr. 2nd while the average speed is about 13.8 mph, it shows as 6.16 km/hr (appx 4 mph). I don’t really do laps so I don’t care but it would be something to correct in a future software update. As there are many complicated functions going on that do work, I am surprised something this simple has slipped by.
2. I could not find a way to use a programmed map and be able to see speed , time, heart rate. Am I missing something. I can understand the possibility of a gps conflict and not being able to get data to both the mapping functions and the data functions at the same time. I plan to change my speed distance to use the wheel sensor instead of gps and see if that changed anything but not expecting it to. Again, I don’t plan to use gps maps so it is not that important to me.
3. I have had at least one occasion when the uphill time and downhill time included the “paused time” Normally this is not included (and should not be.) The occasion I noticed the paused time was almost an hour so it was easily noticed.

Julian Ragalie
Good product

Exactly what I need, thank you. Very professional customer service.

David Fairall
Great Value-Priced Bike GPS

I haven't delved very deeply into all the functions and features on this device, but I am very happy with accuracy and the detailed data it provides. The menu system has a learning curve, but once you get it, it is pretty easy to use.

Customer Reviews

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Power Meter Pedal Support

The Rider 420 also caters to riders using power meter pedals. Simply input the crank length for calibration and receive precise power values generated from the power meter pedals.

Bike Radar Support

The Rider 420 supports ANT+ Radar after simple pairing. While in the Meter Page, the radar strip will display approaching vehicles, utilizing the Rider 420’s crystal clear screen for strip changes for status, as well as include 3 levels of warning with audio notifications.

TrainingPeaks Workout Support

To make training easier than ever, Rider 420 now supports workout plans from TrainingPeaks®. Workouts can be planned on TrainingPeaks® and exported to the Rider 420 via the Bryton Active App. Trainings can then be easily and conveniently started from the device to reach training goals.

ESS Support

Electronic gear-shifting systems including Shimano’s Di2, SRAM’s eTap and Campagnolo’s EPS. Gear information, such as gear ratio, gear combo and even battery life, are displayed immediately on the Rider 420, eliminating the need to manually check the crankset and cassette.

Smart Trainer Compatibility

With Bryton Active App's Advanced workout feature, customized trainings can be easily constructed for the Rider 420. Additionally, the Rider 420 provides greater versatility and compatibility by supporting both ANT+FE-C Smart Trainer and TrainingPeaks workout sync, allowing trainings to be followed on a home Smart Trainer.

Smart Trainer Workout

Easily create custom virtual workouts for smart trainers with the Rider 420 at home! Training plans can be built with the Bryton Active App and downloaded directly to the Rider 420. With ANT+ FE-C support, the Rider 750 will communicate with your smart trainer to simulate the resistance from the training plan.

Advanced Follow Track

Unleash your adventurous spirit with the Rider 420's Follow Track function! It is now easier than ever to plan and create trips via the Bryton Active App Route Creator or import trails (.gpx) from 3rd-party platforms onto Bryton Active, and auto-sync trails from Strava, Komoot and Ride with GPS to let the Rider 420 be your personal guide.

With turn-by-turn navigation, the device displays information for road names, distance and direction. Go ahead to explore new areas, the Rider 420 will lead the way.

Customizable POI/Peak Info

Knowing the distance to your next stop is always motivating and useful. After setting up your POI and Peak info with the Bryton Active App, you can check the distance to your next POI or Peak in Follow Track mode, allowing you to make the right decision based on your status and stay motivated along the way!

Popular 3rd Party Platform Integrations

Bryton Active is compatible with a wide range of powerful 3rd party platforms. Autosync data to Strava/TrainingPeaks/Selfloops/Relive, download maps from Komoot/Strava/RidewithGPS and sync trainings with TrainingPeaks. Bryton Active even supports training analysis from GoldenCheetah and others!


What sensors work with Rider 420?

Cadence Sensor: ANT+ and BLE compatible third-party cadence only sensor.
Speed Sensor: ANT+ and BLE compatible third-party speed only sensor.
Heart Rate Monitor: ANT+ and BLE compatible third-party heart rate only sensor.

Does this show live Strava segments?

No, Bryton Rider 420 does not support Live Segments.

What's the difference between the Rider 320 and 420?

Rider 420 has bread-crumb trail follow track function while Rider 320 does not have it. While Rider 320 meets most cyclists basic needs, Rider 420 just gives you more by helping you not getting lost on the trail and helping you implementing your workout plan.

Does the cadence better work as a power meter?

The cadence could not work as a power meter. However, most power meters on the market will have cadence feature. Please consult with power meter manufactures for the detail information.

Does a fitness watch work with Rider 420?

If your sport watch has heart rate broadcasting via ANT+ function, our computers can read it without a problem.
With regard to Bryton smart sensors, our smart sensors are all ANT+ and Bluetooth dual band. If your sport watch supports ANT+/BLE sensors, our sensors will work well with your watch.