Smart Speed Sensor

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  • Magnet-less Cycling speed sensor with dual ANT+/BLE technology.
  • Designed for maximum compatibility of all wheel sizes.
  • Changeable CR2032 coin battery
What's in the box?
  • Bryton Smart Speed Sensor
  • Bryton Smart Cadence Sensor
  • CR2032 coin battery
  • Installation accessory

Customer Reviews

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works pretty well

Easy to install and set up. Currently using on my road bike to verify some of my routes distances. The GPS readings appear to run about 1% lower than the speed sensor. (Error rates may be higher on heavily shaded routes.) But, after riding 100 miles, that means the GPS will only say 99! Every now and then I glance down and notice the speed is twice as high as my actual speed for a second or 2, so I guess neither is 100% accurate. After checking a few more route, I'll move it to my MTB, where error rates on shady trail are much higher.

Dwayne Gartland
Good Product

Good product. I had another speed sensor that my bike computer would lose connection with every so often, but this one works great.

works great

Easily connects to the Rider S500. No issues


Self-calibrating and wirelessly measure your speed while riding. Use both sensors to improve your personal best or see where you stand against the pros.

Easy Installation

Install the Speed sensor easily on your bike's wheel hub, without any complicated wire installation.

Easy to Use

Magnet-less make it super easy to install, maintain and move between bikes safely.

Dual Band- ANT+/ BLE support

Featuring the application of dual technology, ANT+ and Bluetooth, Smart Cadence Sensor is able to connect to both cycling computers and smart phones. It is compatible with most devices in the market.


Where does it mount on?

On top of the wheel hub.

How often should I change the battery?

It is recommended to change the battery inside Bryton Speed sensors every 6 months to one year (results may
vary depending on frequency of use).