Rider 750


  • Featuring an interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) on a vivid 2.8” color touchscreen.
  • Online Navigation with Preloaded OSM maps, Voice Search & Follow Track with POI/Peak Info
  • ANT+ FE-C support with Smart Trainer Virtual Track Simulation & Smart Trainer Workout features
  • E-Bike ANT+ LEV incl. Shimano Steps, assist mode/level, shifting, batt., range & rear gear position
  • Radar System support for your safety, 20 hr battery, 16GB storage, BLE 5.0, Electronic Shifting, & GNSS Satellite
What's in the box?

Rider 750 E (Device Only)

  • Rider 750
  • USB cable
  • Standard Bike Mount
  • Sport Mount
  • Safety Lanyard
  • Documentation
    Rider 750 T (Bundle)
    • Rider 750
    • Smart Speed Sensor
    • Smart Cadence Sensor
    • Smart Heart Rate Sensor
    • USB cable
    • Standard Bike Mount
    • Sport Mount
    • Safety Lanyard
    • Documentation
    2.8 inches, 240 x 400 pixels Color Display
    Dimensions (mm)
    49.7 x 92.5 x 23.8
    Weight (g)
    Battery Life
    Up to 20 Hours
    Satellite Support
    Full GNSS
    (GPS / Glonass / Galileo / BDS / QZSS)
    Lap History
    130 Laps
    Log History
    300 Hours
    Heart Rate Zones
    7 Zones
    Operating Temperature
    Speed/ Cadence/ HRM sensor
    Power Meter Support
    Supported Bike Profile
    Sync to Bryton Active APP
    Bluetooth (iOS & Android)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Great bike computer at a great price

    I've got the rider 750 as soon as it was available for order in the fall of 2020. I've done some fat biking with it in the winter the battery held great at low temperatures. The lowest temp that I used it was 9F no problems at all. I like that you can manually update maps for navigation. Plus Bryton is constantly working to improve the device via regular firmware updates. I very happy with e purchase and I would recommend and buy the device again.

    Martin Q.

    I use it in Costa Rica all the weeks with my sram xx1 axs transmission and works perfect! Dont waste your money buying garmin with bryton you will have exactly the same

    Trading Cyclist
    Buy this one, it's awesome and less expensive than Garmin!!

    Super easy set up (unlike Garmin), ALL the features of a much more expensive Garmin, comes with 3 bike mounts, super clear touch acreen, great app with easy synch. I am soooooo happy with this device. I returned the Garmin bc it was more expensive, didn't have a touch screen, and had an insanely complicated set up.

    Love this computer and can't wait to get on my bike in the morning!!

    Great computer coming from a wahoo

    I was testing the bryton 750 coming from a element bolt and after a a couple of weeks Ive sold the wahoo element bolt which was a great device but I liked the brytons bigger screen, app, customization and color screen. Great device and its not the standard wahoo or garnen device everyone else has. The accuracy, recording, battery life and sensor pairing all work as expected. I use it with a HR and dual sided power meters which work as expected.

    So happy with the unit!

    I've owned the Bryton Rider 750 for three weeks now and have used it on 14 rides. Picked up the bundle and I could not be happier with the performance of this unit. The amount of real-time info I can access amazes me and makes my rides more enjoyable. The support software I downloaded to my phone (Bryton Active) enables viewing of all metrics for every ride.

    Set up was surprisingly, and pleasantly, easy and syncing the speed and cadence sensors was a breeze. My one complaint is that the included heart rate monitor is a bit iffy. While the computer does track HR, both average and max, it doesn't allow for constant, real-time reading during my rides. So, I use my Garmin instead because I like to know my HR numbers at any moment during a ride.

    I think this unit is just as good as a comparable Garmin (say the 520 Edge) at a much more affordable price. I saved at least $100 USD over a similar Garmin package and have to say - the Rider 750 seems to be a better value.

    Voice Search Powered by Google

    With connection to the internet, you can use your voice to search for locations on the Rider 750, eliminating the need to use on-screen keyboards. Available in over 100 languages, the voice search features offer a faster, more intuitive and more convenient way to find POIs, addresses and other locations.

    Bike Radar Support

    The Rider 750 supports ANT+ Radar after simple pairing. While in the Meter Page, the radar strip will display approaching vehicles, utilizing the Rider 750’s vivid color screen for easy-to-understand vehicle icons and color changes for status, as well as include 3 levels of warning with audio notifications.

    E-Bike Compatibility

    The Rider 750 incorporates Shimano Steps and ANT+ LEV e-bike support for compatible brands to display various e-bike data, including assist mode, assist level shifting mode, E-Bike battery, travel range and rear gear position.

    Real-time Power / Resistance Control

    Control your smart trainer right from the Rider 750 with the ability to customize the trainer's resistance level to fit your training goals or set the target power to achieve your desired wattage. View and adjust your Power / Resistance in real-time without ever having to leave your data page.

    Virtual Ride

    Experience endless possibilities from the comfort of home with Virtual Track Simulation. Utilizing ANT+ FE-C compatibility, the Rider 750 will work seamlessly with most smart trainers and can simulate recorded tracks from the Bryton Active App. These converted tracks can simulate different gradients which better emulate the on-road experience.

    Online Navigation

    The Rider 750 supports online navigation function. When using the navigation feature, you can view detailed turn-by-turn route guidance, including distance and direction information before every turn, and, when riding off route, the Rider 750 will automatically reroute to help get the ride back on track.

    Follow Track with POI/Peak Information

    Knowing the distance to your next stop is always motivating and useful. After setting up your POI and Peak info using the Bryton Active App, you can check the distance to your next POI or Peak in Follow Track mode, allowing you to make the right decision based on your status and stay motivated along the way.

    Auto Sensor Scan

    Utilizing ANT+ compatibility, after pairing multiple sensors, the Rider 750 will employ the collective sensor pool to automatically scan for nearby active sensors. Simply confirm the sensor connection with the active sensor and it is ready to go. Using the Bryton Active app, sensor names can be customized for easy recognition.

    Popular 3rd Party Platform Integrations

    Bryton Active is compatible with a wide range of powerful 3rd party platforms. Autosync data to Strava/TrainingPeaks/Selfloops/Relive, download maps from Komoot/Strava/RidewithGPS and sync trainings with TrainingPeaks. Bryton Active even supports training analysis from GoldenCheetah and others!


    Is Rider 750 compatible with Garmin Varia radar?

    Yes, Rider 750 is compatible with Garmin Varia radar.

    Why my Rider 750 doesn't display map?

    1. Manually add a map to Rider 750

    2. Make sure the device is able to acquire satellites.

    Bryton GPS Cycle computers rely on GPS data to track current location, speed and progress. By default, speed is calculated using GPS data, however a speed sensor can also be used to generally improve accuracy. If GPS data is not recording correctly or if the device is unable to acquire satellites, please ensure that the device is not obstructed by:
    - Dense tree or cloud cover
    - Buildings
    - Bridges or tunnels
    - Geographic Formations (hills or mountains)
    - Other large objects or sky obstructions

    Could I navigate on Rider 750 without turning on Bryton Active app?

    1. In order to navigate with the Rider 750, the device requires a Bluetooth connection to a smart phone with the Bryton Active app running in the background. If connection is lost or the app is closed during navigation, the connection can be easily reestablished by opening the Bryton Active App and re-selecting the route.

    2. After a Follow Track route has been synced with the Rider 750, following the route no longer necessarily requires a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone. Without a connection, the Rider 750 will be able to follow the route exactly as outlined in the file.

    How do I switch sensors between bikes?

    Utilizing the Rider 750’s sensor pool, switching between bikes with different sensor configurations is as easy as switching the Rider 750 from one bike to the other. Once paired, a sensor will be remembered by the Rider 750 and added to its pool of sensors. When the sensor is awakened, it will appear on the Rider 750 automatically.
    Additionally, if more than one sensor is detected, the Rider 750 will prompt you to determine which to use. It is recommended to configure a specific bike profile for each bike that is intended to be used in order to remember bike settings such as wheel size.

    What sensors work with Rider 750?

    Cadence Sensor: ANT+ compatible third-party cadence only sensor.
    Speed Sensor
    : ANT+ compatible third-party speed only sensor.
    Heart Rate Monitor: ANT+ compatible third-party heart rate only sensor.