Dare to be bold with the Rider 750 SE and Gardia R300L!

As Seen In

I like the GUI (graphical user interface) and the pairing of the smaller screen. The screen is vibrant and easy to read in the sun or shade. I can get critical info without cluttering my fields, and the colors are easy to read while in the middle of an intense interval.
— Bike Rumor
Rider 320 offers a highly customizable display and connectivity with sensors. We found that it was quick and easy to configure the GPS and focus on riding instead. The simple design and claimed 35 hour run-time also mean you won’t need to recharge the Rider 320 every so often.
— The Sweet Cyclist
Overall, we found the Bryton Rider 15 neo to be a budget friendly and well designed computer. Even though it has an affordable price point, Bryton kept many of the software features such as email/call alerts and customization via the Bryton App from their more expensive models.
— The Sweet Cyclist
"A revamped exterior case and the addition of links to 3rd party platforms like STRAVA is a welcome move from Bryton. Add in the ability to create, sync and follow either your own routes or 3rd parties routes and many people might raise an interested eyebrow. But it's the price that will make you really sit up and notice."
— the5krunner
"Overall, we found the Bryton Rider 750 to be a very competitively priced and full feature touch screen GPS cycling computer. The 2.8” touch screen makes the user interface much simpler as you don’t need to remember button press combinations to navigate menus.
— The Sweet Cyclist
"It looks smart on the handlebars. Battery life is excellent. I like how easy it is to change data fields directly on the device."
— Sportive Cyclist
"After using the Rider 750 for some time, I can say with confidence that this computer is for anyone who wants to track rides and a ton of metrics. The data collection is top-notch, and the user interface is simple enough to attract both novice and very experienced cyclists. Plus, the price will lure in riders of all kinds."
— Bike Rumor
"The Rider 750 distinguishes itself through a smorgasboard of software features like voice navigation and the ability to use it with anything from an e-bike to a smart trainer. Geeks will enjoy geeking out over the features"
— SingleTracks