Rider 320


  • Crystal clear B / W 2.3” screen
  • Powerful backlight & adjustable contrast
  • Fits 8 data per page
  • Strong 35-hour battery life with 72+ functions
  • 5 satellite system support (GPS+GLONASS+Galileo+QZSS+BDS)
  • ANT+ / BLE heartrate, speed and cadence sensor compatibility
  • Supports ANT+ Power Meter and Power Meter Pedals with calibration
  • Compatible with Bryton Active App, including Auto Sync to STRAVA / TrainingPeaks / Selfloops / Relive. Set up the new device/data pages and view workout results on Bryton Active app
  • Supports BLE 5.0 for faster, more reliable data transfer, alternative data page layouts, and more!
What's in the box?

Rider 320 E (Device Only)

  • Rider 320
  • USB cable
  • Standard Bike Mount
  • Documentation

Rider 320 T (Bundle)

  • Rider 320
  • Smart Cadence Sensor
  • Smart Heart Rate Sensor
  • USB cable
  • Standard Bike Mount
  • Documentation
2.3 inches; 128 x 160 pixels
Dimensions (mm)
49.9 x 83.9 x 16.5
Weight (g)
Battery Life
Up to 35 Hours
Satellite Support
(GPS / Glonass / Galileo / BDS / QZSS)
Lap History
130 Laps
Log History
300 Hours
Heart Rate Zones
7 Zones
Max Data Grid/Page
Operating Temperature
Speed/ Cadence/ HRM sensor
Power Meter Support
Supported Bike Profile
Sync to Bryton Active APP
Bluetooth (iOS & Android)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
amazing value - "sort of" compatible with Garmin mount

If you can get over not using a Garmin or something you've been using for so long, give this a go. The phone app allows you to customize the screens and profile settings. Its syncs just fine to Strava as well.

This will "sort of" work on a garmin mount, but I recommend you get the specific adapter. I have a K-Edge mount for my road bike and I 2 allen wrench screws changes out the circle adapter and it clicks in straight.

If you use the Garmin mount, it does click in, but it will be crooked like at the 2 o'clock/7 o'clock position on your bike. Its technically not compatible with garmin but you can do it to get you by until you get the specific adapter.

Jay Mack
Just as good as the rest

Just as good as Garmin and probably look better on your bike.

Reliable, accurate GPS with excellent visual display

ReliI previously utilized a LEZYNE Macro GPS which stopped working after 3 years. This Bryton Rider 320E GPS is a far better device. It provides very accurate mileage data and with a bigger screen it is more easy to read while cycling. Also, I just love that it stops recoding data within seconds of stopping the bicycle and quickly resumes recording as soon as you begin to move again. In addition, the battery life is outstanding. As a recreational bicyclist, it provides all the information I need. A great device for the price.able, accurate GPS with excellent visual display

Robert Davalos
Very accurate.

Great Quality, very accurate, easy to read, excellent.

jonathan chambers
Very impressed

I picked this computer up as a cheap backup when I miss placed my garmin 130 and couldnt find it for a few days. I have been thoroughly impressed with the bryton and have since started using it predominantly significantly better battery life and uploading rides seems to go much smoother

Customer Reviews

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Auto Altitude Calibration

With a built-in barometer, the Rider 320 can display both real-time altitude and temperature data for your current location and can additionally utilize the Bryton Active app to automatically calibrate altitude data when connected for more precise readings.

Brightness Adjustable

Night riding just got a lot more accurate! Equipped with a powerful built-in backlight, the Rider 320’s high contrast screen's brightness is adjustable for riding in dimly lit areas or convenient night cycling.

Smart Notifications

Never worry about missing important phone calls, emails or texts during rides again! Rider 320 provides notifications whenever phone calls, emails or text messages are received after simple BLE pairing with Android / iOS smart phones.

Left / Right Power Measurement

The Rider 320 supports Power Pedals, which can be easily calibrated and allow detailed L / R pedal power analysis.

Power Meter Calibration

Calibrate your power meter easily from the Rider 320. Simply input crank length to calibrate the power meter for more precise power values.

Popular 3rd Party Platform Integrations

Bryton Active is compatible with a wide range of powerful 3rd party platforms. Autosync data to Strava/TrainingPeaks/Selfloops/Relive, download maps from Komoot/Strava/RidewithGPS and sync trainings with TrainingPeaks. Bryton Active even supports training analysis from GoldenCheetah and others!

Customizable Data Display

Tailor the data display with the Bryton Active App! After pairing with Bryton Active App, data fields/pages can be customized based on training goals via BLE on your phone, and it's super easy to use!


Will this bike computer work with existing speed and cadence sensors?

Bryton Rider 320 supports ANT+/BLE sensors. As long as the concerned speed and cadence sensors are either ANT+ or BLE they would work fine with Rider 320.

Can this work with a stationary bike and Mpaceline?

As long as the stationary bike broadcasts speed/cadence via ANT+/BLE, power via ANT, rider 320 can receive and record those data perfectly. However, rider 320 does not support workout or smart trainer control.
In addition, Mpaceline is more like a workout planner, it receives those data via BLE by itself. There is no interaction between the app and rider 320 as far as our understand.