Are you a pro cyclist/athlete or a cycling influencer, reviewer or enthusiast? Are you passionate about Bryton products? Promote the latest Bryton products and earn commissions by joining the Bryton Affiliate program. Our free and easy to join program will help you earn up to 7% in commissions on Bryton products by using your own customized URL to refer people to Bryton’s official online store.

Who can participate?

The Bryton Affiliate program is specially designed to help bloggers, coaches, reviewers or athletes who want to promote the Bryton products that they love and potentially earn commission on any sales through those ads/links on their website.

How does the Bryton Affiliate Program work?

Getting started is easy! Simply sign up with the link below and your application will be sent to us for review. Upon application approved, you will receive an email and can log in to your account. From the account homepage, you will be able to access Bryton Affiliate marketing materials as well as track your progress. Your exclusive affiliate link and 15% off discount code can also be found on your dashboard.

What is included?

If you are an avid cyclist, the Bryton Affiliate Program is the best way to share your passion for Bryton products while earning extra cash. In addition to incentives, members will receive a base 7% commission on any GPS cycle computer products sold (including Rider 15 neo, Rider 320, Rider 420, Rider 750, Rider S500, Rider S800 and more) using your affiliate link. Please note that commissions only apply to orders placed with a credit card on the official Bryton EShop. No other payment methods are eligible for commissions at this time. 

Two ways to share and earn:

If you have your own website or blog, you can choose from one of our affiliate banners to place on your website and link it with to your official URL. 

Additionally you can share your custom URL with your subscribers/clients/friends via social media, email marketing, or any other distributary campaigns. 

These resources can all be found in your affiliate account!

How will you be paid?

Once your commissions have reached the minimum threshold of $100 USD, you will be eligible to receive payment via PayPal. Commissions are paid on a quarterly basis. If your commissions do not meet the minimum threshold by the end of a quarter, don’t worry! Your remaining balance will roll over into the next quarter until the threshold is finally reached. 


Currently the Bryton Affiliate Program is strictly commission based. Because of this, no additional discounts are offered to members at this time. 

When will I know if my application was approved?

After you have submitted your application to become a Bryton Affiliate, please allow up to (5) business days to process. You will receive a notification via email once it is finished.  

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